BRAEDON KELLER is a normal and the head of ConSec's internal security division, as well as an insider spy for DARRYL REVOK, providing him with information from the inside as well as consistently covering his tracks for him.

Almost nothing is known about Keller, however, he demonstrates extreme determination that manifests in violence. In an effort to kill Vale by destroying the computers that hosted the RIPE PROGRAM he held the workers at gunpoint. As well, he had no hesitation in assassinating Doctor PAUL RUTH when Ruth instructed the Scanner CAMERON VALE to stop the Ripe Program — a program listing all the doctors perscribing Ephemerol to their pregnant patients. He is a ruthless, uncaring, arrogant, and opportunistic antagonist, having a complete disregard of safety and lack of respect towards anyone aside from Revok.

Before the end of the film, Keller is killed in the explosion caused by the ConSec computers self-destructing while Vale was still connected to them via his nervous system.