DARRYL REVOK is a young SCANNER — telepath — and the creator of the RIPE PROGRAM, as well as the CEO(?) of BIOCARBON AMALGAMATE. His ultimate goal is to mass-produce the drug Ephemerol, a tranquilizer for pregnant women, as well as the source of all Scanners, in order to build his own Scanner army and ultimately destroy both ConSec and the society of "normals".

Revok, at the end of the film, is revealed to be the older twin brother of CAMERON VALE, born from doctor PAUL RUTH and his wife, though both twins were deemed dangerous due to the high dose of Ephemerol that their mother received, and were removed from each other almost immediately after birth. At an unspecified age, Revok was admitted to the CRANE PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTE, and at the age of 22 he attempted to cure his condition by drilling a hole in his head. Revok is plagued constantly by rage and depression, however as he grew older and learned to control his abilities he left the institute and inflitrated ConSec and Biocarbon Amalgamate. The moodiness of his youth and young adulthood manifested later on as violent sadism, as he would target and kill any scanners that refused to join his army, as well as anybody who stood between him and his goal.

In pursuit of world domination, Revok works with the ConSec security agent BRAEDON KELLER, who covers for him and assists him in inflitration. Revok, however, almost completely disregards Keller and his safety, showing little remorse when stating that Vale killed Keller when he blew up the ConSec computer that hosted the Ripe Program. Revok does not show remorse for most people, only allowing Vale and KIM OBRIST to survive in hopes that they would join his society, as they were strong enough to survive and defeat all other obstacles that Revok threw at them.