KIM OBRIST is a young female SCANNER, independent of either ConSec or Revok's Underground. She worked in solitude with her own group of derelict Scanners, focused on quieting the voices by way of meditation.

Obrist first meets CAMERON VALE when he approaches her following the death of BENJAMIN PIERCE, a painter and fellow Scanner, after Vale saw her in an art gallery during his search for Pierce. Not much is known about Obrist's past nor origin, however in consequent films she is portrayed as Vale's lover and the mother to their two children, DAVID KELLUM and JULIE VALE. Their relationship is not explored in the first film.

In the second film, it is said that both Vale and Obrist were killed, and ended up living the last of their lives in solitude and paranoia.

Obrist is shown to be very empathetic and emotional, shedding tears as her fellow Scanners were killed by assassins sent by DARRYL REVOK.

Obrist was soon brought in, along with Vale, for questioning upon Vale's request and stating he had an informant. Obrist was questioned by BRAEDON KELLER and Vale was questioned by PAUL RUTH. During this time, Keller revealed himself to Obrist as a spy when he attempted to have her and Vale killed to stop them from interfering in Revok's plans. Obrist and Vale however both escaped using their abilities as Scanners to manipulate the guards and Keller.